Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday Madness

Before the M1000 there was another, more legendary, oversize Pelikan, the pen we call the Magnum. Shrouded in the mists of legend for many years we knew little of these pens, which usually showed up in tortoise with the Emegê imprint of Monteiro Gimarãis the influential Portugese importer of Pelikan. We assumed they were a variant of the 100N. Today we know, due to the discovery of shipping documents, that they were transitional, perhaps prototypes of a new pen that was sold in Portugal in 1935. There are a few of them around. It would be a mistaske to call them rare (whatever that means). But I have two. And I will make no more extravagant claims about them being perhaps the last that will surface. These pens are fully restored and ready to be put into service.

Pen A This very early pen has a dark binde and the brass shim that Pelikan used on the earliest 100 and 100N models to strengthen the barrel threads at the filler end. The pen shows no more than expected wear. The captop imprint is faint and the imprint on the sides of the captop is, interestingly, proud rather than recessed.  It reads Pelikan Patent Emegê. The clip is white metal, which seems to be the case with most of these. The nib, too, is early, a 14 Karat, rather then 585 14 Karat. It’s a medium. This pen is $1,950

Pen B This pen has a medium colored binde. The pen shows expected wear. If this pen ever had  captops imprints they are fully worn off without a hint that they ever were there. The clip is white metal, which seems to be the case with all of these. The nib is a 585 14 Karat. It’s a very mild OB. This pen is $1,800

 The bottom image compares the M1000, the Magnum and at bottom a standard 100N

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Los Angeles Pen Show

Notwithstanding one of the worst hotel experiences I have ever had, the LA Pen Show was very good to The Penguin. And potentially to all of you.

We now have a fine stock of ever-popular Pelikan 400s and 400NNs in the most common colors, though if you want a green stripe 400, move now. There are only two remaining.

And, if you wish to take your Pelikan collection to a new level, we have a very fine gray 400/450 set and we have a pair of tortoise 400Ns

 The harvest of M800s was extraordinary. We can now offer first year 14 karat nib M800s in green stripe and black. You know about the 14 karat nibs and how impossible they are to come by these days, we have them, either loose or in pens.

We also have a green transparent M800 and a 2011 M800 in tortoise. Get those while you can.

Of greatest interest, perhaps, is a jade M800 prototype.

If anything is of interest, do be in touch

And finally, I can't help but show off what Rick got, a bunch of really uncommon Pelikan parts including tortoise bindes and red hard rubber caps to be made into pens, a Paul Rossi tribute to the Pelikan 100, in fantasy, a lapis M800 prototype, and one of the new Wahl-Eversharp supersize Gold Seal pens in red chased hard rubber. Happy Rick!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Two Special Pens (and a partridge in a Pear Tree)

In the midst of a busy holiday season we are pleased to be able to offer a couple special pens for giving, either to loved ones or yourself.

The first is a 1993 Montblanc Writer’s Edition Agatha Christie. These lovely classically inspired pens helped put the WE pens on the map and this is an unused example. What you see is what you get. Just the pen and the inner book box. Medium nib, stickered. $1,400.

Next we have an OMAS Europa from 1992. This is the edition with a small diamond in the band. It comes  in the original lucite box, again with no outer box. This pen does not appear to have been used. $500

And remember that we still have a wide array of special holiday pens as outlined in The Penguin’s Holiday Bazaar and new pens coming in regularly. If you don't see what you want contact us.

Want to give a pen case with that special pen? We have high quality pen cases from MontBlanc and Pelikan at discount prices to go with those gift pens.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Penguin’s Holiday Bazaar is Here!

I know that we are early. But if your holiday season is looking to be as busy as ours is an early purchase of a pen for the holidays may be in order and thankfully pens don’t go stale as quickly as fruitcakes.

This will be our last holiday bazaar on this website, as the new site is just days away from completion and will be live at the New Year.

We have a fine selection of pens showcased in the Bazaar as well as many others, too numerous to list. The site offerings remain out of date, so if there is something on your wants list that you do not see, please e-mail us.

And whether or not you buy a pen please accept our warmest wishes for a happy and joyous season.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Late Summer Sale from The PENguin

Late  Summer Sale

While we all wait anxiously for the new website, let’s do a late summer sale.

For the rest of September we will offer free shipping and a 10% discount on any purchases over $500. So now might be a good time to jump start your holiday shopping and earn the envy (if that’s the word) of all your friends.

This includes everything on this page, on the site, as well as the items featured on previous blog and homepage offerings, as available.

We also have an unprecedented stock of highly prized Pelikan 101Ns in lizard and in tortoise. Not all of them are on the site, but for the rest of the month they can be yours at a very generous 20% discount.

Left to right

RR4                     white trim            $1,800
PEXX                   caplip repair                  $1,100
PEXY                    yellow trim           $1,600
PEXD                    pencil                   $300
PE3866               cap threads                  $1,200
PE4051               caplip repair                  $900
HL25                   perfect pen                  $1,200 (no discounts)
PE3684               Pelican marked    $1,400
PE4004               user grade           $650
PE3867               pencil                   $350

And just to tempt you more, here are some relatively new offerings from among our acquisitions at the recent DC and San Francisco shows and some others as well.

This Parker 75 Rainbow set shows some use but is in overall excellent condition. See the earlier August  blog entry for details. $1,200

 This is the 2006 Annual Owners Club from Bexley, it is an iconic pen not just for its elegant long tapered shape, but for the vacumatic filler and large, soft nib. $450

 One of the hardest to find and iconic Pelikans, the gray marbled IBIS is an essential addition to any serious Pelikan collection. $1,250.

The Pelikan M700 Toledo is another iconic pen from Pelikan, especially the early ones. $750.

We still have a small handful of Kaweco 187 and 189 models, inquire for availability and remember the Kaweco Sports. These pens, from the 1970s include some models never released for sale. Prices range from $195 for single black pens to $275 for exotic colors and fillers. Inquire if interested.

This pen in the highly desired cobalt blue is another Pelikan icon, made on the M800 chassis for the jeweller. Increasingly hard to find. $695. SOLD

Delta Israel 50th Anniversary pen. Lightly used but with no signs of use. Complete packaging. $725