Saturday, July 4, 2015

Shakespearean Fun

We left the Oregon Coast on Monday June 29, haeaded for Ashland, the Shakespeare Festival and triple digit temperatures. In ten years this is the hottest it ever has been for us.

But that does not mitigate against our enjoyment of the plays, although the outdoor Elizabethan theater has been . . . hot.

Those of you who have followed our travels have seen entries regarding our visits to Ashland over the past decade, so I’ll recount the week in sketch. Over six days, beginning Tuesday, June 30 and ending on the 5th of July, we will have seen eight plays and wandered this town. We eat, watch plays, sleep and shop, maybe in that order. Usually we take a side trip of some sort, often a shopping expedition to Jamestown, Oregon, some times to Crater Lake. It varies.

For the past two years we have been here for the 4th of July and the City of Ashland’s parade, which draws from throughout Jackson County. So here are a few snaps of this year’s parade.

A sunny last day on the coast

My traveling companions, Sharon, Rosa and Rocinante

Awaiting the start

It begins!
Local dignitaries in cool cars

President Lincoln walks. (Why not Jefferson on this day?)

Music of all sorts

The Bard, of course

Equestrians of all ages

All views equally represented, left to right

Everyone participates

Just because