Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bringing it all Back Home

Always on these trips, we bring back home souvenirs. Who doesn’t? The theme this year has been seems to have been, “where are we gonna put that?” So we did not buy as much, or at least as many large acquisitions. Still we got some goodies.

Before Image: you can see all our loot, plus clothes and whatever piled in the back seat of the coupe. Our suitcases and supplies filled the trunk. (It’s a small car.)

Below you see our stuff spread out on our bed.  From top left clockwise four pieces of pottery from the Blue Ridge Pottery of Virginia. Below that a couple of bags of South Carolina Gold Rice. A cookbook from New Orleans, not sure where the other Southern cookbook was in that image. Then the Pepper Palace in New Orleans. I actually madeit onto their Wall of Flames. Stationery, those of you who have purchased from The PENguin know that I write notes. Toys for young friends and candle and preserves. A rolled print. A model submarine. And finally Anna’s red bag of goodies.

Anna models her Union kepi, we could not bring ourselves to buy a Confederate cap even though we were in the south.

Two knives and a pen for me and a couple of semi-useful leather clip pouches for knives.

In the next day or two I will try to sum it all up and run a gallery of my favorite images from the trip