Saturday, April 6, 2013

New From The PENguin for April

For a number of reasons, we once again have large numbers of pens not listed on the site including a few remaining Gang of Five pens.

This is just a sampling of some of the most notable of what is not yet on the site:

•Conklin Oversize Endura Long Cap in red hard rubber
•Parker 51 set with 14 K smooth gold caps
•Pelikan 100 from early 1932 with a green striped barrel band shifted to yellow
•Pelikan 140 in black with reverse trim
•Pelikan 400s in green and black, near mint in the box with higly prized OF nibs
•Pelikan 500 in seagreen
•Pelikan 400N in green
•Pelikan M800s including first year pens with 14 C nibs, inquire.
•A small selection of available 14C M800 nibs
•Wahl Eversharp Oversize Art Deco Set in Jet and Pearl
•Expanded offerings of Flexible nib pens as on the Waterman page