Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An inactive blog

These days too busy is good, right?

If so, I'm good, but no time to recount my adventures major and minor.

But I have been buying a ton of pens. Many are on the site, many are not.

Here's a listing of some of the new arrivals as noted on the webiste. If anything interests you, give me a shout at rickpropas@comcast.net:

The last few weeks have brought us a ton of pens, from new Pelikans (including a couple of black 100s) to a whole trove of Parkers, mostly not yet up on the site. Heading the list is a first year Parker 51set double jewel (of course) in black with the really uncommon wavy lined caps. Next is an extraordinary full size burgundy Parker Vacuum Filler, complete and correct with excellent colour. Not far behind is a sterling silver lined capped Nassau double jewel 51, along with a double jewel dove gray and alloy 51, and a gold filled black double jewel. The same lot of pens brought aerometric 51s in forest and plum as well as regular colours. It was a ton of pens. Heaven only knows when I’ll get these on the site.

In addition, there is a very fine selection of Pelikans, perhaps our best ever, up on the site. Check it out!

Next semester brings a reduced teaching load, some of that time will get taken up by Bonhams and some (I hope) by writing, but my great hope is to be able to grow the offerings on the site.

Stay tuned.