Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fun in the Friendly Skies

Travel is such a joy in the United States these days. A couple of months ago I spent the better part of the morning booking a flight from the Bay Area to Washington DC, unable to believe that I could not get a more convenient itinerary. So here I am on three and a half hour layover in the Denver airport, en route to DC. I left home at 3:15 AM and will hopefully be at Tyson’s Corners by 7:30 tonight.

Once I get there, I expect to have something more exciting to report.

Scenes from an airport:

Walking up to gate B26. Rick, “Is this the gate for flight 316 to DC. It’s not on the board." Agent, “ Yes it is, at least so far.”

While walking through the airport, young man, obviously a runner, sprinting between gates, muttering “oh, gosh.” Ten yards behind his girlfriend, obviously not a runner, enjoying a last minute gate change at 5200 feet altitude.

La di da di dah

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