Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just a few holiday images to share

Rick and Anna with Hannukah prezzies: Anna poses with an endangered bat sponsored for Anna from the World Wildlife Federation. For Rick it's a penguin, of course.

Anna gets a cool necklace

For Rick Commie mints seem appropriate

Anna's are pirate mints

Sharon with some of her stocking loot

Yup, we even got a little stormlet, including a bit of hail, nothing like what most of you all had to deal with.

Sharon shows off her throw for twenty years of loyal service to that other university.

Sharon and Anna huddle over this afternoon's DVDs

Sharon's brother Larry came over briefly. Before Sharon got so sick, he and his family were to share the day with us, but they did not want the germs.

Finally, my gift to me, the Aurora Nobile. Yeti to scale, but not included

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