Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break!!

It’s time for spring break. Many of our students have embarked on the customary European tour--Rome, Berlin, Paris. One person will spend two weeks on a communal farm in rural Spain. For us it means Germany.

From Bath, we headed to Bristol airport. Given the high costs of British public transportation, getting to the airport cost nearly as much as our flight to Amsterdam. Once there we picked up our rental car, an Opel Meriva and headed out of Amsterdam. After two frustrating hours on the highly congested Dutch motorways we got to the frontier with Germany and onto the legendary autobahn. Interestingly in today’s Europe the crossing from Holland to Germany was indicated by two signs, one in Dutch and one in German telling us we were now entering Germany. Quickly I discovered that the Meriva is not happy at speeds over 160 kph. The question is whether I will try to change it before we head north to Hamburg, Hanover and then Berlin.

An hour’s drive and we were in the Neuss suburb of Düsseldorf where we are staying before proceeding into Köln later today, Friday. There we will hook up with a number of German friends prior to Saturday’s Köln penshow.


Gilly said...

My brother drives an Opel. Weird car with extremely 'heavy' doors ostensibly designed by someone with little concept of leverage. As you scour Germany for pens, please do keep your eager readers informed of any worthy captures. :-)

acp-p said...

Hey Rick,

enjoy the pen show - say hello to our Euro pen mates from me especially Tom, Regina and perhaps you will also see Robert from Belgium. Please give them and others my very best.

Perhaps you'll find some elusive Peli's for the penguin and wishing you good "sumagais"

Will you be visiting the Pelikan HQ this time?

So bon voyage, happy penning and good weather.

Dov .