Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing Around With the Camera

We're in the middle of another update on the site and to break the boredom, I'm playing around with some images that will shortly go up on the Gallery feature of the website. Thought I'd post them here first, with captions for those for whom they are not immediately recogniseable. (Does anyone but pen folk still read this?)
Pelikan 400NN, this took heavy photoshopping to come out even as well as it did. Maybe it was the black background, since I've had it easier shooting other transparent pens.
The 1964 Parker 75 Spanish Treasure Fleet started the mania for Limited Editions. The pen is made from salvaged Spanish silver, taken from the Anocha, an unfortunate Spanish Galleon caught and sunk by the Brits off Florida.
The OMAS Nishiji-Nuri, sprinkled with gold dust, another challenge to depict.
These Parker Senior Duofolds in the rare Mandarin colour are one of the highlights of the collection. Not only are they rare, but they are flawless, even the imprints are crisp and proud. I've used them a few times, not often though.
Parker 75 bicentennial, in pewter.
Pelikan 700/750, all 14 Karat gold pen and pencil. They are not a set, however, as the guilloche patterns do not match and the pencil is earlier than the pen, regular 750, 700NN.
Looking at it here, the rainbow capped 61s did not turn out so well. Capturing the stripes in the drawn metal is another challenge.
I think I did it better with these rainbow Parker 75s
The ne plus ultra of later Parker Vacumatics, made for less than a year in 1937, the so-called Vac Band. The Band featured the words Parker Vacumatic in high relief and turned out to be too expensive to manufacture. I need to do a close-up of the bands.

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