Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hong Kong, Part Two

Saturday was my last day of touring until after our sale. Still trying to get a "handle" on this remarkable city, we decided to take another tour, this time using our favoured mode, the "hop on, hop off."The streets here are, indeed, less congested than those of Shanghai and the driving style a bit less fierce, but they do it on the wrong side! It's like being in England again.
Especially with buildings like this, a remnant of the colonial past.
Sharon says this is her favourite building in Hong Kong, for its graceful lines. I'll leave my comments at that.
From Hong Kong to Kowloon on board the famed Star Ferry

Christmas in Kowloon
Another remnant of colonial days, The Peninsula Hotel was the city's leading luxury spot and the site of the British surrender of Hong Kong to the Japanese in December 1941.
The scale of Kowloon is a bit smaller than that of Hong Kong
And these overhanging neon signs seem to define the streetscape. Some are so low that if you were to stand in the double decker bus you could touch them (and die).

The Avenue of the Stars along the waterfront celebrates Hong Kong's film industry

Rosa enjoyed the Avenue of the Stars, as well.

At this point, we decided that riding around looking at things just wasn't working for either of us. Earlier, at the Man Mo Temple we had noticed Hollywood Road, an area of bookshops and galleries. Still looking for presents for folks other than ourselves and not drawn much to the luxury designer goods so much on offer here, we decided to grab a taxi, relatively cheap and plentiful here, and head over to Hollywood.

Then the inevitable happened and I found Upper Lascar Road, think of Portobello Market on a Saturday and you have the idea. And to top it off, I actually found a lovely brown marbled Osmia with a 14 K nib. My day was complete!
But more than that, the street life made me happy.

Upper Lascar Road dropped us off at the area known as SoHo (South of Hollywood), where as luck would have it, the annual street fair was starting up.
We wandered, had Nepalese food for dinner and wandered a bit more, before turning in for the night.

Today, work starts with an 8:00 meeting followed by preview set-ups.

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