Thursday, May 26, 2011

MidMay News

Right now things are quiet at PENguin Central. Webmaster Liz is putting the final touches on the new website, coming June 1, and I am finishing up with final exams.

However I thought I’d see if we can drum up some interest and some sales, so while we are not adding new pens until after the 1st, here are a couple of new arrivals, I just could not wait to get up on the site.

Both are kinda special.

The first is a set, 1930s Wahl-Eversharp Gold Seal red checked hard rubber pen and pencil with the soldier’s clip. This is not a commonly found set. The nib is a fine flexible Gold Seal. The pen is 4 ¾ with a nice chunky section for a good grip, and the pencil 4 1/4The set does have some issues. The pencil works, but a bit strangely. There seems to be wear to the slider. And there is a slight crack in the barrel through three threads. It is stable. But for these the set would be $850. The price here is $575.00

The next is a 1930s Pilot (Namiki) black urushi over hard rubber. The pen is in very good condition, but showing expected wear. The nib is a superbly flexible Fine marked Warranted Pilot 14 K Made in Japan #2. I was not at all sure how to price this, so I checked with my resident expert who advised $500-600. So let’s move this one at $395.00. I have filled and used the pen. It holds ink and writes superbly, but would advise having it resealed before entrusting it to your prized kimono.

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