Thursday, January 9, 2014

Further Ramblings

Yesterday we hung around Sonoma in the morning and then enjoyed a nice lunch with Barbara and Saul Kitchener, at Sonoma’s Fremont Diner, which serves some of the best fried chicken this side of Georgia.

Because of my injured foot, today we toured mostly by auto apart from a short walk through downtown Healdsberg (see map in previous posting). From there we went across the hills to the Napa Valley and traced the Silverado Trail from Oakville to Napa, in the process going through Calistoga, which its late 19th century promoters tried to sell as a resort, “the Saratoga of California."

Along the way I was struck by the different types of vines and their different states of pruning. Now, I am no expert in oenology and I don’t even drink wine any more, but I retain a lively interest. As we have toured we have seen vines trimmed back severely, vines still in the process of pruning, vines left full and all stages in between, the differences depending on the varietal and what the winemaker wants his vines to do. So I thought I would snap a few casual images to illustrate.

Not a vine, but I like the image

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