Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to basics: Pens

The original purpose of The PENguin Blog was to showcase newly arrived pens and then travel happened, specifically a semester abroad in the UK in 2009 and then it became a travel blog.

It may be time to get back to basics, so let’s start with two entries.

This, the first:

The recent Washington DC Supershow really was a super show indeed, for me. Several of these have been sold but there are still some notable pens remaining:

This first pen is really a custom. As far as we know Pelikan never offered a 100 with a lizard binde and a black cap. Now that that’s out of the way, what we have here is a custom barrel, a modified 101N binde and correct parts otherwise. If you are waiting for a true lizard or merely want a cool everyday user here it is. $495

Next is a blue 100. This is the real deal with authentic (rather than recent) Emege markings. The binde is about .5 mm short on this pen but it is otherwise a fine example. If perfect I would ask $1,500. But with the binde $1,200.

The third of these is probably the most significant. If you aspire to Pelikany goodness this has to be in your collection, and in fact I do not have one. This is a short captop Pelikan 101N. The short captops are the holiest of the holy Pelikans. This one is in overall Very Good + condition, showing only the expected signs of use. It’s not cheap and if it doesn’t sell I will console myself by knowing that I have a full run, all four lizard models. $3,400

Next up is another interesting pen. It looks like a “garden variety” tortoise 101N, but the captop markings tell you that this “Pelican” was made around 1950 for the English language market. Excellent condition. $1,400

The big black pen is a first year M800, one of two available. It is complete and correct with the hand enameled logo and 14 Carat nib. Some nib choice available. $725

The blue stripe pen is an early M800 of that color with the stamped medallion. $450 SOLD

The green M800 demonstrator is another classic and it is increasingly hard to find them more than twenty years after their release unused with the sticker. I have a correct rectangular plastic box for this, but no paper. $625

Unused Blue Oceans are not getting any easier to find. This one is complete and correct, but without box or paper. $625  SOLD

And this brings us to a trio of non-Pelikans:

OMAS Club Pen in coral faceted celluloid. It has been used. Not sure if I have box or not for it. I’ll check. $325 SOLD

OMAS Filharmonica Prototype. Unmarked and with a standard two tone Broad nib. An amusing and attractive oddity. $650 SOLD

Last, but far from least, a green striped Osmia 884. This pen is every bit the equal of the Montblanc 146 or Soennecken 111 Extra at a fraction of the price, but no one knows about them. $325

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