Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Some Pens from The PENguin

While the new website is under final construction (Coming Soon, I swear!), let’s use this blog for it’s original purpose, flash announcements of newly available pens, and I have a bunch from the recent Washington DC Pen Show.

The 142 was Montblanc’s smallest pen, back in the day. Unlike the current day 144, however this pen features a piston filler and all the features of the full sized pens. Priced affordably at $295.

We also have a burgundy M250 from the 1980s, an affordable, collectible, and very useable pen. $275.

Many of you will recall the Galleria Kaufhof M400 tortoise pens from several years back. Both I and several other sellers imported a bunch of these and they went like hotcakes. Back in the day they were fine alternative to the costly and unobtainable M800s, and trimmed very much like one. They, too, have disappeared, but I ran across one recently. $550.

One of the most interesting things to come across my desk in a while is a Pelikan 400 set, new in the box consisting of pen, pencil, etui, traveling inkwell and lead cassettes, all as they came from the factory. That is $850. Ten years ago I would have jealously kept this set.

Arguably the most desired and collectible is the Parker 75 Regency (Rainbow) set. This one has seen some use, but it is intact and unflawed. It has been in my collection for at least ten years and is offered only because I just got a set in mint condition. This one is offered at $1,200.

I also have some very special pieces, things that just don’t come up for public sale very often:
An early Pelikan 111 T (Toledo)-from 1931-this pen is about as good as they get. If you measure in terms of gold loss with 100% being perfection, this pen would have to be 98%. $8,500

Pelikan 112 (solid 14 Karat gold overlay) in the blue leather box- a very clean and uncommon pen, $4,500. 

A Pelikan Lauer Set factory authorized full solid 14 Karat gold overlay pen and pencil in the box. I have seen any number of the pens, only this one pencil. The set shows some wear, nothing horrible-$5,500.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, requests, even offers.

We also have a full complement of Pelikans, from the 100 to the 140, 400, M800 and most points in between. If you are looking for something Pelikan, be in touch.

Our Kaweco event is still going on full force, vintage Sports of all kinds and we still have some celluloid marbled 187 and 189 models.

Auroras, we got ‘em 88, 88K, 88P, and 98s. Just ask.

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