Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Last Days

Kinnitty Castle

After our land and sea assault on the Cliffs of Moher we drove just a few kilometers to our last hotel before returning to Dublin, The Kinnitty Castle Hotel. 

On the way we stopped for a couple of hours at Yeats' Thoor Ballylee where he lived and wrote for several years.

Yeats' writing room recreated in the tower. We were curious about the quill, but it was a bit of curatorial license. Like the rest of us Yeats wrote with a fountain pen.

Knees or no knees I was ready to climb the stairs all the way up, Sharon wisely demurred

In recent years Kinnitty castle has gone through several owners and it kind of shows. It reminds me of the old Empire Hotel in Manhattan back in the 1970s, shabby elegance. Still it was fun to stay there and roam the halls just a bit.

Our room, it was way up in what Sharon figures must have been the servants' quarters

She was ready to take home the bench

From there we meandered through the stark beauty of the Slieve Bloom Mountains on the way back to Dublin where we handed back our huge SUV to Enterprise. 

Wednesday will be our final full day in Ireland. We’ll tour St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the morning with the afternoon free for whatever happens.

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