Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We spent a quiet Easter at “home”in Bath. Because we were just back from Germany and Sharon was sick and provisions were not readily available (excuses) we did not have a Seder, but instead quietly acknowledged the Passover. Usually we acknowledge the dual heritage by celebrating both Passover and Easter. For Easter we did go “all out,” attending Good Friday services at Bath Abbey and Easter services there as well.

Afterward, we joined our students in Royal Victoria Park for an Easter Picnic.

My colleague, Andy Fleck, was off delivering a paper in Washington at a Shakespeare conference (gotta love the timing of these things), so we asked his wife Barbara Zimbalist to join us for dinner.

It was a pleasant day.

We are now in the last three weeks of this adventure (although Sharon and I will stay on for another month independently). I find it hard to believe how quickly the time has passed.

As my students might say, WTF? Look up Sophie Ryder. Her stuff is everywhere in Bath these days and on exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery here. What to think?

I do know what to think about our Easter picnic, it was fun. Let's see if I can ID everyone for you, left to right: Max Moorman, Chris Laine, Zac Wagner, Sharon Propas, Alyssa Solano, Rob Huffman, Ashley Longobardy, Jennifer Do, Megan Hart, Barbara Zimbalist, Michelle Nguyen. Lauren Minkel, Paul Howard. Just about everyone who was there at the time, except Sarah Michelet who is hiding behind Alyssa, not sure where Roxanne Arnold was.
Michelle Nguyen kicks the ball to Rob Huffman
Jennifer Do prepares a mighty pass as Zac Wagner and Chris Laine wait
Sharon Propas and Sarah Michelet discuss make-up, to the right Jenene Castle.
Jenene Castle and Barbara Zimbalist
Megan Hart and Lindsey Huffman
Ashley Longobardy and Roxie Arnold compare rabbit ears.
Rob Huffman tries to figure out what to do with which ball as Michelle Nguyen, Jennifer Do, Zac Wagner, Max Moorman, and Chris Laine wait patiently
Jennifer Do mounts a mighty pass toward Max Moorman, back to camera, and Zac Wagner
Katie Rouse, Megan Hart and in back Roxie Arnold. Lindsey is hiding at the right margin.

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