Friday, February 20, 2009

Stomping Through Bristol

Thursday's excursion with our students was closer to home than last week's London and was, in fact the programme we had planned for our second week, which was snowed out.

This entry comes to you from Dublin where Sharon and I are spending the weekend, so it will be brief.

Bristol is an ancient city, as old as Bath and just down the Avon River from it. As a seaport town, it has strong ties to America and to the New World. We began with a brief coach tour of the city, a walk across Isambord Kingdom Brunel's early suspension bridge across the Avon gorge.

From there our guide Felicity, who also led us through Bath on our first week, took us on a brief walk through the city pointing out the essential sites. At noon we broke up for three and a half hours, much of which time Sharon and I spent in the Bristol Cathedral, parts of which date back to Norman times. I took more than 160 images, but will not subject you to all of them. Here are a selection of just a few, mostly without comment, at least for now.

St John the Baptist church on the ancient city gates. This modest little church is one of the most spiritually powerful places this heathen has ever been in
Me and Edmund Burke. We agree about the American, but not the French, RevolutionThe so-called "floating harbour," artificially raised to resist the tidal influence on the Avon.The cathedral, stone by stone

I guess it is the simplicity, as well as the antiquity of Norman architecture, that is so stunning
I liked the unconscious composition here
The oconography of the pelican

Who was this chap who now stares out at us from across the ages?

A partying shot of the cathedral. Hope I've not bored you with too many images
After the cathedral, we sat outside for a moment during which Ii fiddled with the camera. This fellow approached and asked if I could shoot some images of him for his portfolio. I didn't know skaters did portfolios, but was glad to oblige.

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