Friday, May 8, 2009

After Bath

After we got our students, actually about half of them, loaded onto the coach to Heathrow, on Sunday, May 3, Sharon and I cleaned up th flat and left for London about 10:00. We stopped for lunch in Windsor, outside London. The city is famous, of course, for the royal castle, but apart from that is a fairly ordinary upscale town. We looked at the castle, but did not visit, and could not resist having a sandwich at the crooked house café and were then off to visit Sylvia and Ray.

On Monday, we joined the throngs celebrating the May Bank Holiday at Hever Castle, home of the Bullen family, once wealthy and powerful until their younger daughter Anne (Boleyn) married Henry VIII. Not only did he kill her just three years after marrying her, but her brother as well and the family was ruined. The castle went through successive owners, and by the 19th century was itself in ruins. Just after the turn of the century it was bought by John Jacob Astor who renovated it and turned it into his family home, in whose hands it remains today.

We hit Windsor Sunday afternoon, in the midst of the Spring Bank Holiday Crowds. We did not queue up to the the castle, but had a ramble about town and a bit of lunch.

This, today, is the market, but we were both proud of ourselves for recognising it as a railway station, before even seeing the GWR (Great Western Railway) medallions

As a cabdriver, the Monday Bank Holiday was not a day off for Ray, but heartlessly we set off to be tourists at Hever.

For our sins, it rained. Sharon and Sylvia huddled beneath Sharon's umbrella while I played with the camera. No inside photography was allowed, but I had some fun whilst waiting on line.

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