Monday, May 4, 2009

Parting Shots

Saturday we went, for the last time, to the Farmers market and got some nice fresh stuff for dinner. We’d talked about going out, but I wanted something from the market.

After dinner we took a last stroll through the city, camera in hand.

Although a World Heritage City, Bath continues to build and renovate the new railway station is nearly complete as is the Southgate Shopping complex
Abbey Gate

Pulteney Bridge and the weir
Looking up Pulteney Street
Some random street scenes

We were able to see a couple of productions at the Theatre Royal complex, shown here
Of course, the Abbey. One of the great joys of the stay was to be able to look out on its tower from our lounge. This is the joy of Bath stone, what it does with the light.
Our flat from across the Avon. We were on the third floor, at the bottom of the protruding bay window. We coull look down on the river.

I have already let one of my colleagues know that we would be interested in leading the three week program to Bath in summer 2011. So it may not be farewell so much as au revoir, Bath.

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