Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Northern Pen Show

Although my focus is German pens and my first European pen show was the Munich in 2005, I have been looking forward to a pen show in England, specifically the Northern pen show, in Lytham, on the Irish sea just outside Blackpool.

I was not disappointed. Although the Friday afternoon drive up the M6 reminded me of leaving the Bay Area on Interstate 80 out of the Bay Area on a holiday weekend, once I arrived show organiser Alan Lloyd gave me a warm welcome. The next morning, early, I connected up with him and his wife Brenda, and Jane and Jim Marshall. Jim and I checked out the local antiques show before anyone else could get there, and then spent the better part of the day at the Garrards auction in Lytham. Ironically, one of my major purchases was an American Parker 51 blue diamond double jewel in buckskin. Little did I know it was a portent.

The show itself took place on Sunday at the Clifton Arms Hotel, a wonderful old English seaside resort hotel, and was, as advertised, friendly and warm. I was able to meet up with not just the Lloyds and Marshalls, but to see Sarj and Yas Minhas and to pick up from Sarj not just the spectacular blue oversize Carters that we had earlier transacted, but a verde rosso Tibladi 60 pencil (if only I can now find the pen!). I was pleased, aw well, to see Gary and Myrna Lehrer who were missed in Cologne by me and everyone else. I also met someone who had been a pen friend, Azad Sadollah of Edinburgh, and we got in some time together chatting pens and solving the problems of the world. I also was able to catch up again with David Parisi, of Hamburg, who I had seen just weeks earler.

My major purchase of the day was a trio of, you guessed it, Parker 51 blue diamond double jewel sets in buckskin, cordovan and Nassau. The Nassau set, a last year 1948 with an English oblique nib has shared pocket time with the Carter’s from Sarj and my own Pelikan 75th Anniversary since.

This was a wonderful show and I am now looking forward to the Nuremberg show in late May.

Jane and Jim Marshall
Gary Lehrer, David Parisi and Azad Sadollah

Yas and Sarj
David, from across a crowded room.
Mike Selway and Steve Hull
Once again, this was a great experience and I wish to thank all those involved for a warm welcome. As my governator might say, I'll be back.


acp-p said...

Pen People round the world meeting pen people at shows and club meetings are the same all over.

Seems you had an enjoyable albeit quite expensive show time. Part of the fun is the acquisition of those must haves and cannot overlook. afterwards comes the doubts. But all for the collection.

That's how it was for me at my first DC pen show, i was overwhelmed.

No Peli's this time Rick?

Keep on with the show and triop reports.

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