Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to Pens

So, what did I get in England and Germany?

In truth some interesting stuff, most of it as you will see, for the website. It will be a few days before I can get all this stuff checked, restored as necessary, listed and photographed.

But for now, here are some teaser photos, not very good ones, yesterday was my worst day for jet lag, but here they are:

And, so what did I get for myself? Less than I did for you guys, but at least two were spectacular Pelikan finds, the short captop tortoise 101 and the three piece M/K/D tortoise 800 set. Before this one, which has a great backstory, there were no known tortoise pencils. So I am stoked. And there were a few English pens most notably an antique (read rmhr) Onoto 1850, a massive pen with a super nib. I also fed my interest in large German safeties with a RicLei number 6 and my fondness for Italian celluloid with a rosso verde large faceted “Duchessa,” which I think was one of many OMAS sub-brands.

The array of pens for the website
The Pelikans, most notably a yellow Pelikan 100 top left and a Magnum tortoise 100N. Bottom right, a wood OMAS and a LeBoeuf 6 set in jet and pearl.

Lots of interesting German pens top left and some other stuff
Parkers, including three DJ 51 sets, in cordovan, Buckskin and Nassau
This is a verrrry sweet three piece M30 in blue set in a designer case
An Aurora Jubilaeum
The M800 demo is the rarest of the rare, with the Spanish makings, but with an error. Only 19 of these are said to survive. At bottom an M750This is a tray of 140s restored by the Pelikan guru, J├╝rgen Dittmer
Mine, all mine, including a curious Ibis marked Pelikan Junior, the short captop 101, a lovely Carters oversize in blue, a couple of early swans, the Onoto,a rmhr Relief, the Duchessa, a lovely little Juska that needs some work, the Ric Lei and a Tibaldi Rosso Verde pencil, anyone got the pen? If so, you own me
I had a Nassau set, of course, but this last year 1948 set captured me
Sharon says the bird is ugly, but it's from the 1930s and rare, besides I kinda ike it. The desktop case will help me keep track of which early Pelikans I have inked. Better maintenance.
Well, that's it for now. I'm gonna ask that you penhounds refrain from inquiries for now until I can get everything going. Today, Wednesday, the jet lag seems to have lifted, but I'll need a few more workdays to sort stuff out.

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