Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Home Truths

Finally starting to settle in. We arrived in San Francisco at 2:25, a scant three hours after our departure from London at 11:35 Sunday morning. (Yeah, right!)

Despite the fact that I had arisen early hoping to be tired enough to sleep through the flight, that was not to be. The family in the row ahead of us were active enough to draw the notice of all around them.

Having gotten home, we began tearing into our suitcases, unpacking, sorting, laundering, finding places for new things, you know the drill. By the time we called for pizza (Mission Pizza in Fremont may have the best pizzas I haave ever had) we would actually rather have just crawled off to bed.

What kept us going were the greetings we got from Anna and Percy (the cat). We half expected Percy to have forgotten us, but to the contrary he has been our constant companion day and night since our return. Anna has managed to tear herself away from our presence.

By Tuesday morning when these images were taken, both Sharon and I were unpacked, laundry was complete and the house getting (mostly) back to normal. But after 4 ½ months in Europe and having been on the road for five weeks, we are both wiped out. Work’s getting done, but slowly and unevenly.

Still, it’s good to be home.

Still got suitcases in the living room
And more clutter, lots of mail to be dealt with, but not today.
My office piled with pens
Desk not fully rebuilt, need batteries for wireless keyboard and mouse, though I've gotten used to the trackpad and keyboard on the new MacBookPro
Bedroom looks good
This may be the feature of the house I most missed.
And the BMW actually started without a jump, though the radio seems to have dumped and won't take its code. Arrgh.

Anyways enough of this banal stuff, this is why folks don't read blogs. Next post--pens.

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