Thursday, June 4, 2009

Final Days, partie deux

Catcher in the Rye

No big story here. On Thursday both Ray and Sylvia were able to clear their day and take us out to see Rye, which is part of what is locally called 1066 country, the area around Hastings, site of the Norman invasion.

Located too far inland to be an active port today, seven hundred years ago Rye was one of the cinque maritime ports and was important enough to have been invaded and burned by the French in the mid 14th century. Only later was it returned to English control and became one of the bases for the rise of English maritime power in the late 16th century.

While we only spent a few hours there, it was long enough to enjoy a brief walk through the town, have a lovely lunch in Thomas Fletcher’s house, and for me to get a hot(?) lead on a possible source for pens.

As you walk up , you are treated to this view

The approach to the church, the Fletcher house, where we had some great crab sandwiches and even better lemon and lime/raspberry tarts for dessert. The real surprise, throughout this trip has been how easy its been to get good, even great, food here.
The church dates back to Norman times

Sharon and Ray in the churchyard

Sylvia in her Hollywood shades

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