Friday, November 14, 2014

Bienvenidos a Madrid

Late Breaking News from Madrid: Finally got down to the pen show floor. This is one great show. It is the largest European show I have attended and the most diverse in terms of the range of offerings, new vintage, etc. And it still has a distinctly European flavor. And after that we were too tired to go out, but had a fantastic tapas dinner in the hotel.

Madrid, bravo!!

After a hideously long flight, we landed at about 9:00 AM at Madrid Barajas International Airport and with just a minimum of muss and fuss landed at the headquarters hotel for the Madrid Pen Show. No news of the show quite yet. Our room was not ready as early as we arrived, so we followed Sharon’s favorite pastime when hitting a new city, the hopon, hop-off bus tour. There is no way to take anything resembling decent pictures from one of those things, but I got a few random snaps. Sharon is sleeping now and I shall either follow suit or go down and check out my first European show in five years.

These images are virtually unedited, since I am too totally whacked to do anything but get this up.

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