Saturday, November 29, 2014

Granada Two: Un Tesoro y Una Pickpocket

We decided to follow up yesterday’s adventure at the Alhambra by taking a walking tour through the old city. At the end of the tour, I thanked our guide Eloisa and commented to the tour director how good Eloisa was. The director replied that she is a treasure (tesoro). Exactamente!

The walk was a fascinating stroll through the old city, including the Moorish sections. And as we strolled I snapped as many images as possible. Eloisa is a young woman who has studied English for twelve years and is quite proficient. She was also wearing a Star of David so I asked if she was Jewish. It turned out not, she just identifies. She was thrilled, however, to find out that I am Jewish. The whole tour far exceeded our expectations and if you read this, Eloisa, otra vez muchimas gracias para todos.

After the tour we had lunch and decided to go back to see the interior of the Cathedral and stroll through the old Medina. When we were preparing for this trip, Sharon, having read of the pickpocket problem in Spain, somewhat sheepishly decided to buy a secure purse from Travelsmith. When a friend of ours got hit by a pickpocket in the Madrid subway, Sharon felt somewhat vindicated, and then as we walked the narrow streets of the market this afternoon, Sharon was jostled. She reacted, and got a hard look from the woman next to her. Then a few minutes later the same woman nudged her again, and Sharon noticed that she had breached the purse’s first line of security but failed to get into it. It was an interesting adventure, especially as we lost nothing.Here's hoping our erstwhile thief is spending the evening in lamentation over her waning skills.

This is the entry to an old Islamic building that was used by Christians as a coaling station. Note that part of the inscription to Allah was defaced with an obscure Christian symbol

The Cathedral

The Medina

Sharon and Elouisa

A wonderful view of the Alhambra from the town

A wealthy home below the Alhambra, now used by the University

The Baroque interior of the Cathedral. Usually I strictly follow the injunctions not to photograph, but everyone else was, so . . .

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