Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tracin' it Down to New Orleans

Saturday we started from Vicksburg, traversing the lower portion of the Natchez Trace to the city of Natchez and then on to New Orleans.

Along the Trace, Mt. Locust offers one of the few remaining buildings from the original Trace and it was cool to experience the original trail walking up to it along the Old Trace as a traveler would come to the stand, as they called these combination lodgings, plantations, and stores.

We arrived in New Orleans in the middle of the French Quarter Festival. For our purposes it meant, initially, that it would take us more than an hour to traverse the Quarter and get close to our hotel. I’ll spare you the details, but it involved waiting a very long time and going the wrong way up some streets. No police were involved, several porters and parking attendants were. But we got here.

Still and all we are pleased to be here and have some interesting activities planned.

Another portion of the Old Trace.

Wild flowers on the banks of the Mississippi at Natchez

New Orleans at night

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