Sunday, March 5, 2017

Camagüey in Dance and Art

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Another full day that started in the morning with a visit to the Teatro Principal, home of the Ballet de Camaguey and ended with our return for the full performance, and in between a pedicab tour of the city and its squares that took us to several artists studios as well.

We began the day with a walk from our hotel through the Calle Maceo pedestrian walkway to the Teatro Principal home of the Bellet de Camaguey.
A group of us awaiting departure in the morning.

As I look at these images, lots of street scenes.
  There we were able to observe a rehearsal of that evening’s performance of Carmen and speak with the ballet’s director, Regina Balaguer.
So we're going to see a rehearsal. I have a camera. I have a fast lens. Do I bring it? No.

But, I was able to crank the ISO up to 25,600 and still got some interesting shots

and interesting effects
 From there we were loaded into a convoy of pedicabs for a rolling tour of the city which featured visits to several artists studios, including that of Martha Jimenez.

Pedicabs await

Street scenes.

A group of us in a gallery
The one that got away. I really wanted this, but Sharon did not and in bronze, it was heavy.

The gallery of Martha Jimenez, on the left

Later in the afternoon we went to the studio and workshops of Orestes Larios, a Cuban artist with an international reputation and a member of Cuba’s small Jewish community. From both a cultural and artistic perspective it was one of the two highlights of the day.

Larios to the right and José translating, though the artist's English was plenty good.

Behind the gallery were a warren of individual workshops and galleries
In the evening a few of us decided to go back to see the full performance of Carmen.

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