Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Trinidad de Cuba

Saturday, 4 February 2017

From my journal, “Much of the day on the bus from Camaguey to Trinidad . . .  had a very good lunch at Restaurante David Mark, the chef. Very good snapper. 

Me and Chef David Mark

Got into Trinidad around 2:00. It’s a tourist town and honestly I am not at all sure why they brought us.” Later that night, after spending some time with the hosts of our  Casa Particular (think B&B) I would better understand that aspect of the trip, but to this day I remain ambivalent about Trinidad.

About the town

The principal landmark on the Plaza Major, Iglesia de la Santisima Trinidad (Church of the Holy Trinity)

It was a rainy day

San Francisco de Asis

 The Casas Particular are a fascinating aspect of the new Cuba, private hotels, really and they exist everywhere and are being created by the thousands daily. Ours was Hostal Ariamna & Yordanis, named after our hosts. It was a pleasure to chat with them, get to know them, hear of their lives and aspirations. Oh, and Yordanis has a friend who sells cigars. Need I say more? Once more, I did not take pictures inside their home but here is the city.
The view from our casa particular

I thought this rooftop shot from our room said something about the new Cuba

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