Sunday, March 12, 2017

Santa Clara (Cuba, not the Bay Area)

Street scenes from the central plaza

6 February 2017

A low key sort of day before heading off to Habana on Tuesday.

From my journal, recorded at the end of the day.

“Santa Clara—probably most famous as the final resting place of Che Guevara.
Began the day with a visit to the local decorative arts museum. They seem to have a lot of them here.

 Then a concert by a classically trained singer of opera and guitarist and his son. They took us through a brief tour of Cuban music. It was capped by a piano number by Bob.

Bob plays

From there to the local cigar factory. The real deal. Factory for export, producing all of the major brands each according to their formula. Sadly we were not able to take pictures inside the factory, but I was able to get a shot of our guide and the entry to the factory

Che con tabaco (the Cuban word for cigar)

I did not get a chance to buy, but that was no big deal. Prices are the same everywhere. And I think I got a good deal from Yordanis’ friend."

[In front of the senior center was a gallery of their art works Rosa and I had to get into the act, which was permitted]
Rosa gets into the act, showing off not just her revolutionary fervor but the new hat she got at the center.

"Lunch with the seniors was an unexpected treat. They had a nice basic musical program of course and then an Indian stick and counter game whose name I cannot remember.

José, siempre bailando

Suresh turned out to be a ringer, as a child he had played this same game in India.
Judging the score
[Then] lunch with the seniors . . ."

It was during that lunch, at our table were two teachers, one a professor and her car mechanic husband. He taught me much of what I learned about automobiles in Cuba.

"Tomorrow the main event as it were, three days and four nights in Havana.”

This day was summed up best by Sharon as we were discussing this post. It was one of the less photogenic but most enjoyable days of the trip.

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