Sunday, June 29, 2014

California's North Coast

It speaks for itself.

On Saturday we got picnic supplies from the Roundman Smokehouse in Fort Bragg, a place we have been frequenting since the 1970s, and on Sunday we picnicked at the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge where most of these pictures were taken.

In the mid 19th century the Federal government urged settlers to "reclaim" wetlands for agricultural use. Today the government promotes returning these lands to their natural state. This barn from the 1920s is all that remains of the farm that once occupied these lands.

And these egrets, ducks and even a bald eagle (not depicted) are the beneficiaries of the newer policies. So successful have they been that the Feds allow hunting in the refuge.

And dinner tonight here, perhaps the only place on the coast that still serves the incomparable Oregon raxor clams, the delicacy of a lifetime!

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