Thursday, June 5, 2014

Things and stuff

Like any good tourists, as we travelled we bought stuff. And since native American culture was a major part of the experience we bought a few choice pieces of pottery some jewery and some kachinas and katsinas (in Hopi) as well as some other stuff, and I thought it might be fun to do a selective show and tell of some of the more intereting pieces, excluding gifts for family and friends and Sharon’s tee shirts. Missing is her rather stunning turquiose necklace, I’ll add that later.

So here they are.

This may be my favorite, from Tanner Traditions in Ruidoso, a Zia (Pueblo) pot from ~1960

A contemporary Navajo pot, what is unusual is the interior decoration

A Hopi parrot pot that caught Sharon's eye

From the 1970s, an Acoma wedding vase
Sharon's favorite, River girl

I think this guy is Cornplanter
Neither of us can remember who this is


From Mesa Verde, a Ute-made mug

This one picks up themes from the glyphs at Mesa Verde

Navajo plaque for my office wall

Through the trip we looked at rugs, but Sharon was hesitant to get anything really good, lest it get ruined by use. This rug is from the 1940s and had started to unravel, thus making it perfect for a high use area

Austin, Texas neo-hip bolo. Meant for our daughter or her boyfriend, both of whom are too uncool to appreciate it, so Sharon happily kept it

The knife is nothing special, but I like the Navajo turquoise and silver work

Also, once I am caught up with site updates I hope to choose some images, process them carefully (as opposed to the quick and dirty processing, if any, on the blog) and create some albums to share.

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