Sunday, June 29, 2014

On the Road Again

Each year for nearly ten years now we head up to Ashland, Oregon in June or July for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and from time to time we also go further up the coast and over to Portland.

By now we have a settled travel routine that takes us in about two hundred mile bites up the Northern California Coast to Fort Bragg, from there to Brookings, Oregon and from there to Ashland. It’s a lovely trip and one that features a lot of the kind of driving that I love, twisty mountain roads.

So these images are from our first day, along the Northern California Coast from Bodega Bay to Fort Bragg with a stop at Fort Ross, the southernmost penetration of the Russian Empire in America. (Russian Hill in San Francisco just doesn’t count, trust me.)
As we stepped out at this vista point over the North Coast we turned to one another in agreement that for all the wonders we have seen these past few months, our coast is incomparable

Fort Ross, a recreation of the 1830s original Russian -American Company outpost

California poppies

This claims to be the earliest windmill in California, it's picturesque

Fort Bragg is just up the coast from it's tonier twin, Mendocino. We kinda prefer the real town vibe of FB, though there is The Gallery in Mendocino, a favorite bookshop.

Fort Bragg's "Guest House"
It looks like a plain storefront, but this is ice cream Mecca
Cowlicks, replete with worshipful patrons, Sharon had Black Forest and Mushroom, and I had Chocolate Raspberry and Ginger, fine hors d'ourves to dinner that night as Silver's on the Wharf, where Sharon has been going since the 1950s as a child.


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