Saturday, June 28, 2014

High Sierras

For the past fourteen years a group of us has gone up to Wishon Dam, above Shaver Lake on an annual encampment. Many of our group are seasoned outdoorsmen and for some of us this is a once a year adventure in a tent. It’s an unstructured weekend. For me, some years have featured some extensive hiking and even fishing, this year featured card playing and lazing about.

Since I seem to be in blog mode, I thought I’d share a bit of the experience.

Even my cellphone snapshots can't suppress the grandeur of the Sierra scenery

Me and Mikey from a couple of years ago

For the first time this year, I played and lo0st only about $10 over two nights, not bad for a novice. Here from 2012 the real deal, so to speak

Some come up to rest, this, of a friend from a couple of years ago could have been me this year
This year we drove rather than walked, though in any year Lilypad (below) would have been a very long walk

Closing ceremonies as your humble servant and Dr. Fong fold the flag
The real close, though, is usually in Shaver Lake. Here the infamous Two Forks readies himself

Waitress Kim was a very good sport
A job well done, and from there we drove down the mountain. Now begins the planning for 2015.

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