Monday, January 26, 2009

First Day of Classes

Less than 48 hours after arriving and without, yet, a full night's sleep we began classes today, Monday. It was interesting. I referred to myself as brain damaged. Our studnets kindly used the term jet lag. Same difference.

Our program is not formally affiliated with any British institution though in the past we cooperated with either Bath University or Bath Spa University. This year that was not possible, so we ended up using a room connected to a local NGO, Vision Bath. They have a meeting room, newly renovated, that offers all the mod cons (modern conveniences). It will be a pleasant place to teach and learn in.

Moreover, it is less than a 15 minute walk from home. So all is good.

Here, my partner Andy Fleck teaches the first of his two afternoon classes, our biggest course, except for my Anthro 160 field trips, with an enrollment of 26.

These images of the Avon were taken on the way home
The very edge of our building is visible at the left of this last image.

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