Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our First Full Day

After a broken night's sleep, we lay in, as the Brits would have it, until about 8:45. Sharon and I were scheduled to meet with our students at 11:00, but Bath is a compact, walking city, so we were able to cross the Avon via the Broad Quay bridge and make our way toward the abbey where we were to meet. Once at the abbey, we stopped and got money and breakfast and had time left to take a walk about the Abbey area.

Approaching the Abbey from AbbeygateA couple of views of the Abbey.

After I shot this image of the prior between masses, we had a nice little chat. It may be a cliche about the English being friendly, but it is not untrue. But for our meeting, we would have gone in to hear him preach.
One of the leaded glass windows on the Abbey.
A cityscape.A reminder that standardised spelling is relatively modern. Note to students, don't try this on your spellchecker.
and after they noticed me taking pictures
After our brief walk, which was for purposes of familiarisation, rather than instruction, the instructors (Andy and me as well as our spouses) and our program administrator had a nice lunch at a French Provincial restaurant where we had the first of our regular conferences, and then went off to do marketing and our separate afternoons.
This final view from our window of the city at dusk.

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