Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Settling In

Despite lingering jet lag, today felt more like a normal day. I met with my Tuesday class and things were less chaotic and more coherent, or at least they seemed so.

We've made plans to tour the west country of England this weekend and will travel to Dublin in a few weeks.

Some quick impressions, this is our first extended stay in England since 1980, apart from a few quick business trips of Sharon's, and England seems both changed and much the same.

Thanks to the weakened pound, prices here are nowhere near as bad as we expected, much of the nation is modern and at least partly integrated into the European Union, the food is good!! this latter has been our greatest shock to date. Yesterday Sharon did our first real shopping and came back telling me about good, high quality and interesting foods available at the Sainsbury market across from my classroom. It's true. All the good English foods, the apples, the dairy products, are still there, but so too are foods from all over the world.

We've had several restaurant meals since Saturday and not a bad one, from pasties and pub food to French provincial, it's all been good.

A couple more images of me at work:Note that virtually everyone has a laptop. Because of a non-traditional school setting this is a truly electronic classroom. Very little paper will get used.

Below, a couple of views of the railroad bridge opposite our flat

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