Monday, July 7, 2014

From Ashland to Coos Bay

Those who follow our travels know that Sharon and I have a real fondness for tourist traps. From the classy to the tacky, we think they are all great.

One of our favorites, of the classy sort, is the town of Jacksonville, Oregon. We always spend an afternoon here, with the highlights being a stop in The Pot Rack, where over the past several years, we have been replacing our worn out and not-so-good kitchen knives with good, solid, Wüsthof knives. Nothing fancy, just good knives. This year Sharon also scored a pizza stone and a pair of onion goggles for our daughter who is very sensitive.

As I look at this post, a theme seems to be signs

Throughout our spring trip Sharon was frustrated by the lack of wildlife, signs promising elk, deer, never lived up to promise. Problem solved!

Next door is The Carefree Buffalo, and no, I am not making up that name. Regardless it is a store full of (mostly) toys for boys. Last year I kinda drooled over the William Henry knives they carry, but did not even ask the cost.

This year I was primed, and Jeff actually remembered me from last year. I am not willing to spend on a knife what I will on a pen, but Jeff showed me the EDC series (everyday carry) and after seeking and getting spousal permission (I expected her to nix it) this WH EDC10-2 is in my pocket as I type.

And then there are the barns of Northern California and Southern Oregon (see the Humboldt Bay entry). I have been far from thorough in capturing them, but here is another

And, then, finally, dinner at Gogi’s. Of all the restaurants in southern Oregon this one is our favorite. And then, of course, back to Ashland for a play.

Sunday was our last full day, with a complete schedule of matinee and evening plays.

Part of our Ashland experience are the so-called Green Shows, open air, free admission, casual entertainments on a green between the Bowmer and Elizabethan theaters.

A troupe of talented amateur Morris dancers from Northern California

Finally, our abode in Ashland, the McCall House B&B. We have been coming here for almost ten years and it is very much part of our experience

Those who have followed our travels previously know Rosa. Sadly she did not make the spring trip (health reasons--please don't ask). The staff here treat her well. This was their arrangement, not ours.
Monday was a travel day, our picnic lunch was at a mill pond off Oregon 42 between I-5 and Coos Bay where we spent the night as we go up the coast to Portland.

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