Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oregon Coast: the Craftsman and Cheese Edition

So, Tuesday night, after staying in Coos Bay, we proceeded up the Oregon Coast to Pacific City where we stayed at the Craftsman B&B, owned by Michael Rech, a former BMW racer and retired graphic artist.

While Mike proved a wonderful host and the accommodations were wonderful, what blew us away was the attention to detail that he lavished on every single aspect of the house. Only once, in Cardiff, Wales, have we experienced a B&B that offered an equal attention to period and detail.

As an example, much of the furniture was original, and what was not, Mike made himself with painstaking attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Having worked briefly in an historic house museum, I really appreciated Mike's work and care.

The desk is original along with one of Mike's chairs

The guest suites offered an equal attention to detail as the downstairs

From Pacific City we headed northwards, without stopping much, for Tillamook. Sharon wanted to tour a cheese factory, She had in mind some small boutique, but it turned out that the only one that we were able to come up with was the mega-Walmart of cheese makers, The Tillamook Cheese Factory

Kinda puts you in mind of Blakes "dark Satanic [cheese] mills" don't it?

And ice cream. We musta been the only ones walking downstairs without an ice cream cone in hand

Bought our picnic lunch here.

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