Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lithia Park

Perhaps my second favorite thing about Ashland (maybe third behind the ice cream) is Lithia Park. Designed by John McLaren, the creator of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, it is a little gem that stretches out to the side and over the town.

As you see, it is very much a mixed use park, with play sets for kids, a Rose Garden (which we have never visited), trails along Ashland Creek and some, fairly strenuous, that wend up into the hills. You can take an easy stroll or have a good solid hike. I've done both. This year I got up into the hills just a bit.

Like at home, this area is very dry this year, the creek is as low as I've seen it

Photographing dragonflies is not as easy as it looks

Ducks are easier

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