Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oregon Coast: from Coos Bay to Pacific City, or Two Lighthouses and Some Tidepools

Tuesday brought us further up the Oregon coast, from Coos Bay to Pacific City, a short hop, in terms of miles, but one that took the full day as a result of frequent stops, not just to look for pens and, recently, folding hunter knives (a new, minor passion), but to examine a couple of lighthouses and to play, briefly, in the tidepools.

The Oregon Dunes
The Umpqua River Lighthouse

These were often remote, so staff and families were housed and schooled onsite

Below, the Heceta Head Lighthouse, a spectacular bit of Deco archetecture  in a spectacular setting on the Oregon Coast


 We ended up the day after a late lunch, early dinner at the Craftsman B&B, a rather extraordinary homage to Craftsman style architecture. More on that later, dear reader.

We have a loose itinerary for Wednesday, the only fixed point being Portland’s Multnomah Hotel by evening.

Oh, and for those keeping track of such things, add Oregon to the list, 87/55.