Monday, April 20, 2015

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 So today we went from DC to Philadelphia, or rather the suburbs of DC to the suburbs of Philadelphia. In fact as I write we are not in Pennsylvania, but New Jersey! How does that work? It’s like saying I’ll visit San Francisco and stay in Reno, Nevada!

In fact, we figure that on the way we traversed five states, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey. I just don’t get it.

And we never did get to either Amish country or Gettysburg. Sharon is coming down with a cold and I may be. While we were sitting in the Capital one of the ten million rugrats partaking of our nation’s heritage sat hacking her little lungs out into the backs of our heads.

And then there were the tolls. Getting off the expressway there was a toll booth. The attendant asked for our ticket. What ticket? (Cue Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Eli Wallach’s Badges monologue.) We had no ticket. $11.25. We asked the hotel clerk, she shrugged and said “It’s Jersey.” (cue Chinatown).

So, maybe a better title for this would be the Day of Whine and Rosas.

Oh, the bridge: I have no idea, but it seemed kinda cool.

Tomorrow: tourist Philadelphia, inshallah.
Rosa in her new mob cap. She's so proud!

The Bridge.1

Bridge Two

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MikeWas said...

Also, you might notice that all (or at least most) of the bridges have no toll going the PA to NJ direction. My theory is that nobody will pay to get into NJ, but once there they'll certainly pay to get out of NJ!