Monday, April 27, 2015

The Hudson River Valley

Sunday took us from the southernmost reaches of the Hudson River Valley, in Warwick, to just north of it, in Saratoga, where we will b e for the next few days. Being unfamiliar with the geography, I have us about 75 miles further north than we should be, but from the perspective of a Westerner, everything here is on top or everything else, so that the extra mileage is at worst an inconvenience.

Just a few random images of farms and the somewhat interesting river port city of Kingston. Enjoy!

A rather neat and visually striking farm

This a bit less so

The river, of course, dominates the region and has been the source of its traditional affluence

Kingston, a river port city that today seems mostly to exist for tourism

This busy little image seems to represent the exuberance of the town nowadays, with shops and restaurants

On Monday we will cover some of my own back pages with a visit to the Roosevelt sites in Hyde Park.

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