Sunday, April 26, 2015

Leaving Philadelphia

Leaving Philadelphia we decided to pick up a lost piece from our transition from Williamsburg to DC, the Amish country around Lancaster county Pennsylvania. The first part of the drive was interesting as it took us through the city of Philadelphia and broadened our appreciation of it as we went through a variety of neighborhoods, from inner city to affluent suburbs. 

The second part of the drive, out into the country, was lovely and as we approached Lancaster the culture began to take on a distinctive tint of the old order. Things slowed down, farms became more distinctive and we actually got to see horse drawn carriages on the road and a man working his field behind a horsedrawn harrow.

But the highlight of the day for us was a stop that we almost whistled past, a shop selling the famous Amish piecework and quilts. It did not take long for me to convince Sharon to replace the machine made quilt that covers our bed with one of these.

And, from there we continued on to visit Warwick, New York, at the bottom of the Hudson River Valley, to spend time with our cousins Jerry and Jeannette who live there. The town and village border the New Jersey state line and the entire area is a resort of the most pleasant kind, reminding us of the Scottish lochs, Lake Tahoe and others of our favorite areas. This was not a tour so much as a visit, so I did not take a lot of images, but here are a few

An overlook onto the Warwick Valley

Jeannette and Sharon, they are not related

Jerry and me, we are

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