Friday, April 10, 2015

We Made It!!


This last day was our shortest, just under 500 miles, but it took longest as we made our way across the parking lot known as I-64. The Anti Destination League was out in rare form. It seems at times that we were merely moving from car wreck to car wreck. But overall, we covered 2,938 miles in five days and that is probably the only statistic I am capable of generating right now.

As we entered Virginia, I felt the full force of the history that I have studied and taught for most of my life. We drove past Mr. Jefferson's University in Charlottesville, past Shadwell, his birthplace. (For the record, despite Jefferson's temporizing nature, I retain respect and affection for the man who opposed slavery but could not live without it, as Joe Ellis put it, The American Sphinx who created the unique document that would rise to protect human rights in ways its author probably could not have imagined.) And especially as we came down from the Piedmont into the Tidewater, I could imagine us following, perhaps, the path of Nathaniel Bacon as he sought to revolutionize colonial Virginia in 1676. . . .

But my imagination runs away with me.

So for now our last set of road pictures. Tomorrow the GX7 comes out for some real images of real and not so real stuff.

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