Friday, April 24, 2015

Philly Two

Our second (and last) day in Philadelphia left us with the sense of how little of this fine city we have seen. Another couple of days would have given us a much better sense of the city as a whole.

In the morning we conducted our pilgrimmage to the liberty bell, now enshrined in a jazzy new center that puts it into a broader context of the quest for human rights; and in the afternoon, we took one of Sharon’s favorite excursions wherever we are, the hop-on hop-off tour, and it was that which gave us a sense of how little of the city we were seeing.

Fortunately, as we departed on Thursday we would set the GPS for no highways and it took us on city streets through the city to the northwest along route 30, giving us a sense of the city from its meanest streets to the affluent suburbs.

Sharon makes a new friend.
More Franklin stuff

Betsy Ross' house. We did not go in

But Sharon liked the cat fountain, ever though there was no indication why it was there.

This bust was made from melted down pennies (Philadelphia mint, "penny saved . . ." You get it, right?)

Reading Terminal Market

We love markets

Philadelphia City Hall, a good example of how the city integrates history and the modern.

The other side.

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