Saturday, June 27, 2015

On the Road Again

This time just for a scant ten days. Each year around this time we head up to Oregon for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Over time we have also developed a somewhat ritualized journey up the coast from San Francisco to Little River, California to Brookings, Oregon to Pacific City and then across the state and down to Ashland.

Usually I don’t blog this trip and I’m  not sure how much I’ll put up this year, but as we drove up the Sonoma and Mendocino Coasts I found myself struck anew by the beauty that is in my own backyard. And it did not hurt that I was driving California’s Route 1, my favorite road in the world and along my favorite stretch. Traffic was summer-heavy, but I did get some clear spots and went through some turns with the traction control indicator flickering.

Comparisons are invidious, so I will not even try to compare this coast to the other, nor to Cape Breton, but it is the same takes-your-breath-away scenery.

Much of the day there was fog, but I did manage to get a few presentable snaps.

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