Monday, June 1, 2015

Out and About in Quebec and Ontario

 Those of you who have followed the journey know that we are powerless over backroads, so it was inevitable that as we made our way from Québec City to Montréal we would travel the byways. We don’t do a lot of picture stops on travel days, but at the village of Sainte Anne de la Pérade we could not avoid stopping for this church and caught an image of the firehouse into the bargain.

We had a lovely two days catching up with family in Montréal during which the camera did not come out of the car.

And then on Monday we bade farewell and set out for home, but on our way to our first night stop in Cambridge, Ontario we discovered that we had overestimated time. So rather than getting in to that first stop early we opted for (surprise, surprise) some backroads, and these took us to Maitland and the Longley Mill Tower built in the 1820s on the banks of the Saint Lawrence.

From there, we decided we just had to see the historic Rideau Canal, a world heritage site in Smith’s Falls. These images are of Wood’s Mill

 We finally got to the hotel and an unexpectedly good meal around 7:30

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