Monday, June 29, 2015

Oregon Coast

We spent Sunday driving the Oregon coast from Brookings in the South to Pacific City. Along the way there were several stops, for Sharon it was a search for yarn for a crochet project. I was looking for scenic coastline and for tidepools, which obsess me whenever I am on the coast here.

In Coos Bay, Bandon, Newport and Florence, Sharon had no luck with yarn, nor I with pens, but at Sunset Bay I got my scenery and tidepools.

At this wooded cove we found scenery and . . .

sea lions

To get detail, I had to punch my 400mm lens out to 1600 digitally, thus the noise

Then at Sunset Bay

We found another lighthouse

Point Arago

and tidepools

As one father warned his daughter just before she fell, the rocks were "slicker than snot."

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