Friday, June 5, 2015

Utah and Nevada, through a rainy windshield

 OK, so Friday, our last full day of this trip, saw us cover about 450 miles, a relatively easy driving day from Evanston, Wyoming, through Utah to Winnemucca, Nevada, a city with which we are somewhat familiar, having stayed here on July 4, 1988 on our way back from the midwest, and again when we took Anna off to college in 2005. They practically owe us the keys to the city, ya know.

But first there was Utah. Once you come down out of the mountains into Salt Lake City, it gets kinda flat, and all you can do is drive as fast as you dare, and given yesterday I kept, for the most part, to within 10 mph of the limit. And then came Nevada where you go back into Pacific Daylight Time and you start thinking you might get home soon.

The salt flats left me with the desire to get the coupe out there and take it up all the way to speed. I've only ever had it at 130 and it is supposed to be worth 25 more with the US limiter.

The weather was dicey, so we did not take a mid-day walk or excursion but I got some images at a rest stop and Sharon did her usual fine job of conveying the Zen of the windshield.

Kinda liked this light satanic mill in the distance at the rest stop

Kinda cool, didn't see what it was

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