Thursday, June 4, 2015


Thursday took us about 550 miles from North Platte, Nebraska to Evanston, Wyoming. (We have lived in Evanston, Illinois, but Wyoming?? Who knew?)

Interestingly, almost as soon as we entered Wyoming, the topography changed. The prairie became the plains and it all looked like home, that is the west.

A few random images.

We decided to stop for lunch in Laramie, a town with which we are surprisingly familiar. Our friends Ricki and Bill Gienapp lived there for almost a decade before Bill was hired on at Harvard and we visited once or twice. Also, our daughter Anna went to college just south, in Fort Collins, Colorado and we visited Laramie on an outing with her. In fact, lunch was at the Prairie Rose, where Sharon swears we ate before. Regardless, the chile verde burger was yummy.

From there we continued on to Evanston, our overnight stop.

Over the past two days the wide open spaces of the west have encouraged me to put my foot down and I was able to make very good time for most of the day and into the afternoon, until a State Trooper caught me doing 96 in an 80 zone. Oops!

The trooper tracked me from across the highway at 96 in an 80 and then came 'round and got me at 91 in a 75 (see above). He gave me a "break" by writing only the "lesser" infraction.

I thought I was going to make it through the entire trip without a citation. Fortunately, he did not get me when I was into three figure speeds, the fines are low and Wyoming does not share data with California.

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